Welcome to BestMealKits.ca; a Canadian meal kit website providing best meal kit delivery services available in Canada. Best Meal Kits can be time consuming to locate based on customer needs, diet and budget. At BestMealKits.ca, we list the best meal kit delivery companies located in areas such as: Western Canada, Montreal, Ottawa, London, GTA, and Toronto. Meal Kit diet types like: clean, paleo, vegan, keto, weight-loss, and carnivore diet are also available with Best Meal Kits Canada. Discount promotion codes and coupons are provided when available to make your meal kit order experience an enjoyable one at Best Meal Kits Canada. Taste the difference for yourself today through BestMealKits.ca.

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Hello Fresh

Canada-wide; Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, and the Maritimes.

Chefs Plate

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Manitoba.


More info coming soon.

Plant Prepped

Ontario and Quebec. Vegan-based meal kit.

Fresh Prep

Alberta and British Colombia. Mealkits and more.


Saskatchewan meal kits with choice of carnivore, clean, plant-based and vegan based options.

$5 Meal Plan

All of Canada availability. Drag-and-drop meal plan builder online.

Frequently Asked Questions
Meal kit subscription services are plans in which a company routinely ships a customer a package of foods which still have to be prepared, either totally or partly. They are innovative ways to get creative ideas for a home cooked meal. Usually everything in the meal kit box is perfectly measured for the meal and amount of people it is to feed.
Just like meal kit services, ready-to-go or prepared meal services are a service in which a company ships you food on a routine basis. Instead of finishing or cooking the meal yourself a ready-to-go meal is already prepared and just needs to be warmed up. Some prepared meal services ship frozen, others ship fresh.
Meal kit services allow you to choose from a variety of portion sizes and a variety of dishes. The meal kit services ship you a box with all the ingredients and a recipe card or handbook. In most meal kit services the ingredients are perfectly measured out for the recipe your choosing. It’s like putting furniture together; all you have to do is follow the instructions to achieve a beautiful meal. Ordering this way you get to try a variety of new meals and can be a great way to expand your horizon to different cuisines of different cultures.
Clean Diet: A clean diet exists of whole foods; no additives, preservatives, MSG or anything unnatural added.
Vegan / Plant-Based Diet: as what’s in the name; a 100% plant-based vegetarian diet.
Paleo Diet: The paleo diet, is as some would describe as a whole foods diet. Meat, nuts, berries, also know as the ‘Caveman diet’. Foods that our ancestors from the Paleolithic era ate.
Carnivore / Meat-Based: Meat, meat, and more meat. Apart from meat, fish, eggs and dairy can be part of the carnivore diet.
Keto Diet: The ‘ketogenic’ diet is a high fat, low to no-carb diet. In most cases the keto diet is restricted to meat, fish, certain veggies and oils. It forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Apart from this weight loss effect it has numerous other health benefits.
Gluten Free: A diet restricted from any glutens. You can eat anything but gluten in this diet.
Yes and no. It depends on how you look at it. Yes, you can most likely source all ingredients what you require for the recipe. Often ingredients go to waste when you purchase them in a full package unless they are a staple item. So, pound for pound, meal kits are usually more expensive compared to sourcing them at a grocery store. Meal kits are cheap if you look at the overall experience and compare them to a restaurant. Meal kit services tend to source high quality ingredients and come with a unique easy to follow recipe which allows you to create a fine-dining experience at home. Grocery stores don’t come with recipe cards and fine dining is expensive for the overall experience meal kits are a very cost-effective way to eat high quality foods and try different recipes.
• meal kits save you time
• meal kits can save you money
• less food waste using a meal kit service
• meal kits are a great way to try different foods and recipes

Meal kits can cater to your specific diet. For almost every diet there is now a meal kit or meal kit plan available. Just do the research, use the research on this site and you’ll find the perfect meal kit plan for you.

Meal kits can help you lose weight. Certain meal kit plans focus on your specific needs for your body and lifestyle. Overall, the quality of food tends to be more nutritious in meal kits so you will feel less hungry after the meal as your body is content.

Most important: Meal kits tend to be fun! It’s fun to cook and especially when you know it will taste good.
We focused our research specifically on the Canadian meal kit, prepared meals, ready-to-go meals, butcher boxes and snack box services. They obviously have to either be located in or deliver to and within Canada. Within that research we simply picked the best companies and displayed them on our site.
There is no one-fit-for-all type meal kit, meal service or prepared meal plan. Taste and requirements will vary from person to person. We do recommend that you try all companies listed at least once with the promo codes on our site. We found that not only do they taste good, it’s a lot of fun trying them out. On top of that they were so nice to provide us with unique and exclusive promotions!
Canada Meal Kits



Available in Ontario. Italian food; build meal kit box order.

Cook it

Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes. Ready to eat meals & never frozen.


Healthy ready-to-eat prepared meals available in Ontario and Quebec.


Available Canada-wide. Weight loss focused meal planning.


Keto based meal planning with focus on weight loss for all of Canada.

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Prepared Meal Boxes

Best Meal Kits Canada will soon bring to you Canadian Prepared Meal Boxes for Southwestern Ontario, Quebec, Western Canada, Ottawa, London, Ontario, The GTA, and Toronto. Prepared Meal Boxes in Canada provide health-focused food ordering ready to serve with a variety of meal types that are delivered to your door. Discount Promotion Codes are also coming soon to Best Meal Kits Canada.

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Diet Meal Kits

Meat & Fish Boxes

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